Jobe Sup-board Yarra 10.6 Steel Blue

Jobe Sup-board Yarra 10.6 Steel Blue

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  • The Jobe collection's all-time favourite
  • Allround board that fits all
  • High quality and rigid construction
  • Excellent equipment included
Extensive product support 30 days return and exchange period Warranty 5 years

A firm favourite in the Jobe sup range year after year, the Yarra 10.6 is now updated with new features! The new Yarra package comes with an even better and redesigned Stream Paddle (40% carbon fibre, 60% fibreglass) and a new addition, a handy runner's belt strap included in the package.

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A perennial favourite in the Jobe sup collection year after year, the Yarra 10.6 is now updated with new features! The new Yarra package comes with an improved and redesigned Stream Paddle (40% carbon fibre, 60% glass fibre) and as a new feature, a handy runner's belt strap is included in the package. And now with a 5-year warranty!

The Jobe 10.6 Yarra SUP board (320cm x 81cm x 15cm 310L 20PSI / 10'6 x 32" x 6") is the perfect SUP board for the whole family. SUP for the whole family board. The board is a true all-rounder, both technically and in terms of paddling characteristics: easy and comfortably stable even for beginners, light to paddle, very stiff and extremely stable (140kg) thanks to the separate deck and bottom stiffeners and 15cm thickness. Further enhancing the highly popular Yarra package is the addition of PVC stiffener for the top and bottom of the board, even better rigidity carbon fibre-fibreglass coil as a standard and tool-free EZ-lock spring.

The package includes a redesigned Stream Paddle, with a paddle design that mimics a duck's flipper - a proven design in the wild that really works! The adjustable length paddle is made from 40% carbon fibre and 60% fibreglass, which won't bend and gives good performance for more active paddling.

Joben AERO collection is one of the most advanced manufacturing processes in the industry: sup-boards materials (PVC plastics, dropstitch core sewn into an X-pattern to hold the board in shape) are fused together using heat bonded technology, making the board lighter, stronger and more rigid than a conventional board. cheaper boards where the materials are bonded together. This makes the seams stronger and longer lasting, which is why Jobe recognises a five-year guarantee even if they are rolled open and closed every day!

10.6. The Yarra sup board is one of the most stable boards in the Yobe range. The board is very agile to handle thanks to its rounded shape, making it easy for even the smallest children in the family to get into the world of sup-fun. The wide design in the middle and at the front gives the board stability and load capacity, which is 140kg for this board, which makes the board slide perfectly. With two PVC stiffeners, the Jobe Yarra works perfectly under even the biggest paddler (or with a child or dog) and the journey goes on without energy spent on bending the hull or ploughing deep! The 10.6 Yarra is the safest choice if you have no previous finning experience. The Jobe Yarra 10.6 SUP board is also great for yoga and fitness!

The board has a comfortable and grippy EVA plastic (Anti Slip Pad) surface so you can paddle without slipping and stand on the board all day! The SUP's lid has fixed elastic straps, under which you can fold the waterproof backpack that comes with the board. The PVC edge protectors on the side keep the board intact even in heavy use.

Jobe Yarra 10.6 SUP board includes:

  • Adjustable carbon fibre-fibreglass paddles (adjustable range 180-220cm, weight only 780g)
  • High-speed two-way pump
  • Waterproof carry bag
  • Comfortable ankle strap with ankle tie and a lanyard for the ankle straps
  • Patch kit
  • Fixed elastic bands for transporting goods
  • Fixed side guards
  • Carry handles at the front and rear

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