What kind of vest for foosball?

Many people wonder what kind of vest is good for foosball, so in this text we'll go through a few different types. different types of buoyancy aids that are well suited to finning. Whether you're finning or any other form of water sports, it's important to always carry a buoyancy aid in case you get stranded in the water. So whatever you wear. buoyancy aids is definitely a good choice for paddling! It is good to understand the meaning of the different classifications of the vests; 50N is a buoyancy aid that gives the wearer buoyancy, but does not, for example, turn the unconscious person into the correct position, while 100N is a lifejacket classification, where the function of the vest is to turn the wearer face up and the vest should be brightly coloured, fitted with a reflector and a whistle.

The latter option can be a little restrictive for finning or other activities, so there are lighter solutions available. One of the most popular buoyancy aids that have recently become popular is the buoyancy vest designed specifically for finning. Spinlock "lantern vest"which is very light and comfortable to wear, like a belt bag. Spinlock vests are based on an internal bang cartridge that is self-triggered by pulling a switch on the vest, causing it to inflate into a horseshoe around the wearer. Spinlock vests can be reloaded and recharged at low cost. refill cartridges with the help of a conveniently priced refillable refill.

Spinlock vests

In addition to these, ordinary wearable vests are also ideal for fountain paddling, with more options available. Traditional designs are usually fastened with buckles and are better suited to a range of sizes. Another option is the slightly more bulky, blouse-like zip fasteners. with a neoprene coating, which also provide extra warmth and protection against the wind in cooler weather! Neoprene vests also include women's models, with a slightly more comfortable cut and of course colour options! You can find the whole range from the range of bell-bottoms.

Neoprene vests


How to choose the right size? In a belted vest, of course, one size works for everyone, but in a wearable vest, generally speaking, sizing criteria follow very much the same sizes as clothing, M size chooses M size, and so on. It is worth noting, however, that if the idea is to wear thicker clothing underneath the vest for finning or other water activities, it may be worth choosing one size larger. Another good rule of thumb is to measure your own chest circumference, which is also the measurement most flotation vests are sized to. If you're worried about your size, our customer service team can help you choose a bra! The easiest way to reach us is by email at info@vesiurheilu.fi or by asking in the chat.