Neoprene socks are an avant-garde swimmer's best friend

You wouldn't think that something as small as neoprene socks could be a huge help for your open water swimming! In our range neoprene socks have been around for almost 10 years. It was only a few years ago that we first received feedback from a customer that the socks have been an unparalleled aid to open water swimming. Since then, the word has slowly spread and we've started to recommend neoprene socks to swimmers ourselves, and since then they've helped hundreds of open water swimmers!

Although the purpose of open water swimming is to get in touch with the cold and get the blood circulating, having unpleasantly cold toes or soles of the feet is probably not the main purpose. Socks provide protection and warmth, and are much more comfortable for getting up the swimming ladder or walking on the icy dock. Or, if the journey is longer, socks can also fit well in "crocs" or other similar slippers.

Neoprene socks are quick and easy to put on and take off before a swim. After use, they should be dried like any other piece of equipment. Dried socks are more comfortable for the next swim!

If you have the same problem with your hands and fingers as with your toes, or if, for example, icy handrails feel uncomfortable against your bare hands, then neoprene gloves are also a pleasure and a nice addition to your swimming gear.

We have two options for socks. The more popular sock has proven to be Joben 2mm neoprene socks, which feel almost imperceptible on the feet and follow the foot very well. Another option is a slightly thicker Cress neoprene socks, which have the added bonus of a roughened sole for grip on slippery surfaces.