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Our SUP board range has been honed over 10 years of experience to serve Finnish paddlers. No matter which SUP board you choose from our range, our products always offer the right combination of price, quality and features. On top of the deal, you also get Finnish product support, if you need help with the introduction of your SUP board or any other issue with your SUP board.'s professionals at your service!

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Why SUP board from water

The team of water has been practicing water sports for decades and wanted to bring the Finns joy to the water by choosing products based on our own experience, so that the selection has the right products for both beginners and more experienced. The first SUP boards came to our store in 2013, after which the selection has steadily expanded to meet the needs of our customers and followed the development of SUP boarding, both in terms of technical features and prices. Our SUP board range consists of Finland's most popular Saimaa sup and Jobe SUP boards. Don't hesitate to ask for help with the SUP board, we know our products and our professionals will be happy to help!