Wingfoil & Windsurf

Wingfoil & Windsurf

Wingfoil is one of the fastest growing sports in the water sports industry! Wingfoil, as the name suggests, combines foil sailing and wing surfing. Wingfoiling is becoming increasingly popular, especially for those who have previously surfed with a traditional sail or kite, as wing surfing gives you a much freer and lighter feel, without the need to carry a rick or worry about tangling kite lines.

The idea of the foil is to raise the board above the surface of the water, as if it were floating on the foil. This reduces water resistance enormously and makes surfing light and possible even in fairly light winds.

Learning to wing surf is a good way to start in winter on the ice. And if you have no previous experience with other waterboarding disciplines, starting on ice is even recommended! You can start learning on skis or even ice skates if the ice conditions allow.

Wingsurfing is a fun sport that suits almost everyone, regardless of their background, and there is endless things to do and new things to learn. Best of all, you can wing surf all year round!

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