Windsup means SUP with sail, a combination of a sailboard and SUP board that allows you to paddle in calm weather and enjoy the power of the wind in windy conditions. Air-filled windsups fit easily into a small car, as the windsup packs into a normal sup-board backpack and the whole rig (mast, boom, sail) goes into its own handy carrying bag. It takes only a few minutes to assemble the rig without tools. Our Mistral LT is a hard-bodied, full-blooded sailboard, but you can also funnel with this board thanks to its high load-bearing capacity. The most important thing about a windsup board is a good centre line, which allows you to sail upwind.

If you already have a SUP board but it doesn't have a mast, you can use Duotone's handy accessories to build a windsup board for windsurfing from almost any SUP board. You will need removable centre ropes, an inflatable sail and a sail attachment adapter, which you can find in our range below.

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