Wakeboard bindings

In our range you'll find wakeboard bindings from the industry's leading manufacturers, whether you're looking for equipment for shared use with a group of cottagers or for the more active hobbyist.

Obrien's bindings always combine quality and price, and with different levels of wakeboard bindings, it's easy to find the best models for your specific use. This is guaranteed by Obrien's long experience as a pioneer in the industry, being the first major manufacturer in the wakeboard sector.

Hyperlite, on the other hand, is a pioneer in separate side+boot combos, as is customary in snowboarding, for example. In fact, Hyperlite is the only wakeboard manufacturer to offer separate shoe + binding combinations. An absolute choice for the more cable wakeboarder, no need to constantly take the bindings off your feet!

Slingshot, on the other hand, also has one of the most popular cable wake sites, SpaceMobs, with a separate inner shoe. Slingshot's GummyStraps are really popular!

All ties are 6" pitch by today's standards, and the ties always come with the necessary attachment kits.

See also instructions for purchasing ties!

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