Saimaa SUP

The air-filled Saimaa SUP board collection has been designed in Finland based on a decade of experience in the SUP industry and on test experiences with numerous models from abroad. With the help of accumulated know-how and customer feedback collected over seven years, the Saimaa SUP collection has been selected five inflatable SUP boards that are the most suitable for Finns. The boards are manufactured using three different techniques, which have enabled us to match price and quality best for each target group.

Aimed at first-timers and occasional cottage smokers Lily- and Pike sup boards are an easy and affordable choice to start your foosball hobby. Sup-boards are easy to pump up, nice to handle for a small person and even a little jogging is possible. With the option of a canoe bench and paddle, the Pike board is perfect for the whole family! The boards come with a two-year guarantee.

In several of our test events we have noticed that many people considering SUP have a fear of falling over on the board, which is completely unnecessary - with all Saimaa SUP boards, even a first-timer with normal balance can get to shore dry with the right technique. However, we wanted a board in the range that made it super easy to paddle - and this is how Saimaa SUP Bass. The mid-range Bass is aimed at those with doubts about their own balance and bigger paddlers. The widest and most stable board in the range is made with a strong double-layer construction and is suitable for heavy use and even for carrying a child or a big dog! Despite its width, the board is shaped for a good glide and comfortable jogging. The board has a load capacity of 130kg and a two-year warranty.

Many Finns already have their first funnel board and, bitten by the funnel fly, are considering a second board for the family. Some also know immediately that foosball will become a long-term hobby and are ready to invest in their first board. For them, the whole family is designed Saimaa SUP Sun and a jogger's dream Saimaa SUP Moon, which are also the flagship models of the series. Sun and Moon challenge the world's leading brands with their features (ultra-strong and rigid Fusion PVC material) and equipment (carbon fibre paddle, quick-release tool-free fin), and their durability makes them ideal for rental use. Three-year warranty without registration.

By choosing Saimaa SUP you also choose good domestic service and competent and quick answers to any questions you may have about SUP!