Beginner's experience of funnelling

I had been dreaming of trying frogging for many years. This summer I had the opportunity to get to know the world of the sport better. I'm sure many people interested in starting funnelling are wondering what kind of equipment is good to start with, so I thought I would share some of my own experiences from a beginner's point of view.

Sup boards Saimaa SUP Sun and Bass

The boards I used for my first trips were Saimaa SUP Bass 11.0 and Sun 10.6. I started filling the plates with the hand pump of the set and while pumping I got a really good warm up. However, as the enthusiasm to get into the water was strong, the second board was assisted by a an electric pump. The electric pump immediately became a trusted helper, which will certainly accompany us on further fountain trips in the future. With the pump doing the work, there was plenty of time to gather the necessary equipment and get ready to go.

Electric pump for pumping a sup board

Even before leaving for the water, I slipped my phone into my pocket. into a floating waterproof mobile phone bag and that also proved to be very useful. Thanks to the phone pouch, I could snap pictures of the trip without worrying about what would happen if I dropped my phone.

Waterproof floating mobile phone bag to protect your phone

The first thing I tried was the Bass, as the board is wider and I knew that the width would increase the stability of the board. And stable it was! At first I tested my balance by moving the weight from side to side and found that it wasn't easy to get the board to move. Of the two boards, the Bass has more length and in the beginning, handling and steering the longer board took a bit of practice, but I soon learned how to handle it. Once I started to get the hang of it a bit more, I felt like I could get a good swing on the board. The occasional wind and small swells didn't hurt either, as the board stayed well aligned and because I didn't have to constantly change the paddle from side to side, even a slightly longer paddle went smoothly.

Air-filled sup board Saimaa SUP Bass

Sun 10.6 was the next board to be tested and although it is slightly narrower than the Bass, it still felt very stable. The Sun is rounder and less long, so even though we were just learning how to handle the board, it made even the tightest turns easy and comfortable. I was also surprised at how well the board glided! Of course, the lightweight and comfortable to the hand included in the kit also made the paddling even smoother. carbon fibre paddle.

After my own trial, my family members were able to test the Sun. Some of them are slightly more experienced paddlers and some were first-timers, but they all agreed that the board was really good and easy to use. This makes Sun a great board for the whole family or a group of friends to use together!

Supping on an inflatable board

It was easy to get started with these boards, because even though the first few metres were a bit shaky, the stability and ease of use of the boards calmed the mind and quickly gave us more confidence. So these were the perfect choice for a beginner! Thanks to the high quality equipment, the first few trips were comfortable and finning will definitely remain one of my favourite pastimes!