First time on a SUP board and with a dog

The first board I ever SUP'd on was Joben Lena Yoga 10.6 board. I myself have a background in many different sports and had to have a good balance and with this board the first meters were quite easy. In the beginning I was nervous, how stable the board really is and if I can stay upright. However, Lena was super stable and quickly I dared to stand up on the board, the first few meters went knee to knee paddling. The important thing was to position herself at the balance point of the board, i.e. at the handle. It is also important not to have your feet too wide apart and not too close together.

On the same trip I had a dog with me, a German Shepherd bitch Pirkko, aka "Pike". The idea was that if I felt that I was doing well on my own, I would try funnelling with a dog. I put the raft on the shore and showed the dog with my hand the direction to climb up there. Pikehän would splash in one jump on board the sup-board and yes, it was a bit funny that the dog's enthusiasm, it was the first time on board a sup-board. No other, when I got on the board myself and then we were off. 😊

SUP boarding with dog

It was quite exciting, I must admit. I was nervous that the dog would jump into the water and the board would then capsize and I would then plunge into the cold water. The time was May and the water was still quite cool.

It's easier to get going on a SUP board from a sitting position, especially with a dog

The dog thought many times that I would jump into the water soon. So Pike was quite a swimmer and a waterbender. But by commanding him to the ground, he kept going and finally had the courage to look at the scenery. I would have loved to hang on the edge of the board, but it caused a bit of extra balancing on the board for me. I found that the best place for the dog is right in front of me, either sitting, lying or standing facing the board. This first time with the dog I didn't even dare to stand up myself, so I paddled with the dog on my knees and on the seat. It worked out ok, although a longer run would take quite a lot of time with this style, but this style was enough for this kind of leisurely run. When I got to shore, I gave the dog permission to jump off the board a little before the bow of the board hit the shoreline. I was a bit nervous about what would happen, would the board wobble when the dog jumped off, but to my surprise the board didn't wobble. 😊

Summa summarum, if funneling is good exercise for us humans, it is just as good for the dog, because the dog has to balance on the board in the same way, especially if it stands while paddling. It's certainly good for your dog's deep muscles.

I had a really good feeling about my first trip to the funnel and the funnel fly did bite me. I hadn't been excited about any new sport for years and foosball certainly stole my heart. I decided that next time I would dare to stand up on the board with my dog and teach him to jump off the board in a sensible way and climb back on board. 😊

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