Jobe's new sup-boards for the 2023 season

It's a sure sign of spring when new products arrive in stock and it's also nice to be able to tell you about the new features, and there's a lot of them in the Joben sup boards this season! First of all, for all the new sup boards from Jobe now comes with a 5 year warranty! And no need to register the board as in previous years.
Jobe 2023 sup boards
For Jobe's inflatable sup-boats has long been one of the most advanced in the industry, where part of the board layers are "fused" together without gluing. Among other things, this eliminates the possibility of gluing errors and also makes the boards lighter.
In addition, all Jobe sup boards use a dropstich material sewn into an x-patterned "heart" of the board, which stiffens the boards and reduces the possibility of twisting. All boards also feature "stringers", or stiffening strips, integrated into the top and bottom. These features make the boards really stiff even at lower pressures!
Jobe Duna 11.6 Teal
But the innovations! All 2023 packages have a new paddle and we dare say it is perhaps the best "standard" paddle on the market, called Stream Carbon sup-paddle. The paddle is made of 60% fibreglass and 40% carbon fibre, which makes it not only light but also very stiff. In addition, the paddle's blade has been completely redesigned. The new Stream Paddle paddle has been innovatively shaped with a duck fin to make the paddle slightly smaller and more streamlined, saving shoulders for more active paddling. However, without forgetting efficiency, the new design gives the same or even better performance for paddling with less energy, compared to the previous design. And you certainly couldn't argue that the duck fin design hasn't been tested in the wild, guaranteed to work!
Jobe Stream Paddle
In addition to this, a handy "waist strap" has been added to all 2023 sup packs for the paddles, so now you can alternatively use the paddles when attached to your waist. This is especially handy for paddlers in flowing water, where, with really bad luck, you may find yourself falling off the board and getting stuck on something and the current tries to take you away - or vice versa. In this situation, you'll find it much more convenient to launch from the waist than from around the ankle.
Runaway waist strap, alternative attachment method
Fishing pole waist strap
And like the TV shop advert, and that's not all... for the 2023 season Jobe launched all-new Elite versions of the old familiar models, the Yarra as well as the Duna! Elite Yarra & Elite Duna -packages include the above improvements, as well as full carbon fibre paddles and a second, smaller waterproof rucksack for carrying your gear. The backpacks are also equipped with attachment clips, which allow the backpacks to be attached instead of the deck straps on the board, making it easy to carry (and safe from water!) even the gear for a weekend trip.
Backpack attachment for Elite sup-boats
Jobe Sup Elite series
In addition, the Elite packs have better pumps than the standard packs, as they come with super-fast triple-action pumps with two cylinders. The Elite Duna sup-board also has small fixed fins added to the bottom to improve directional stability. Add to this the stiffer "honey comb" fibreglass fins that are worn on the boards, and you have a package that's hard to beat!
If the above features resonate with you, or if you're just a fan of funneling, we recommend you check out the new Jobe Yarra Elite and Jobe Duna Elite sup-boats.
Summer, here we come!