A longer fountain walk with the dog on Jobe Duna

Last time I told you about my first funneling trip with Rolle. I went to buy dog life jackets from a local dog supply store and it was a branded vest, which was supposed to be good. Well the sticker on the front didn't hold after the first time in the water, so new vests will be on the shopping list for next season. The vest stayed in place thanks to the other fasteners, but it does make it difficult for the dog to swim with the vest on if the vest rips open in the front. Well, that's it for the vests and for my own swimming experience this time.


This time I was wearing Joben Duna. The Duna is a great SUP board if you like to paddle a bit longer. It's stiff, stable and glides well, even with a big dog. Of course, the price range is also different from the cheapest Saimaa Sup. In Lily and Pike, which I tested earlier. We went with Reel to a brand new body of water near our home for the first time. I filled the board (with an electric pump) and got the dog's vest ready and a mobile phone in the mobile phone bag and car keys. Then it occurred to me that I could use them myself. vests when you go to the fountain. Sure, I always use runners in case I happen to fall, but still.

Sup boarding with dog on Jobe duna

But to the point, we went to Rolle with the dog so that the dog first swam next to the board, I had the leash on the dog's collar, but the leash came after the dog, so I did not hold on to it. After about 300m I stopped and we tried for the first time that Rolle comes straight from the water to the board. I went to sit on the board myself with both feet in the water. I lifted the dog by the handle on the lifejacket and helped the dog aboard. This was very easy! We continued at a slightly faster pace with the dog sitting in front of me. Rolle weighed about 30kg at the time, so I was sweating, but I would have sweated even without the dog. On the way to the shore, some 200m before the shore I guided the dog back into the water and it got to swim the rest of the way back to shore and I got to cool down a bit.

Super good exercise for me and for the dog at the same time! That's how I'm going to spend this summer 2019 swimming with Rolle. Next summer 2020 then new Saimaa SUPs, Bass, Sun and Moon and again new writings to come 😊

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